About Monica LaChelle




With an eye for style, a taste for luxury and an incredible mind for business, Monica LaChelle Barnett stepped onto the beauty scene twenty-three years ago and fervently took the industry by storm. Inspired by her love for cosmetology and the opportunity to help women feel good about themselves, she opened her salon seven years ago, Vanquish Beauty Studio, and launched her own beauty and wellness brand, The Monica LaChelle Collection. However, this teen mom didn’t always believe success was within reach. After giving birth to her first daughter at the age of 16 and dropping out of high school at 17, Monica could have easily drowned in a sea of stereotypes. But instead, she chose to unapologetically pursue her dreams and create a better life for herself and her family. Her “can’t-stop-won’t-stop” attitude and perseverance paid off, after receiving her GED, Cosmetology license and Assoicates'degree in Business she catapulted from employed nail technician to an award-winning six figure Hair Artisan & CEO. As a salon owner, Monica has garnered a lengthy list of accolades and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, such as serving as an educator for Team Hollywood ran by the incredibly talented Hair Stylist, Patric Bradley.

Prioritizing the client experience and sparing no attention to detail, Monica delivers exceptional services that continuously garner accolades and recognition from her beloved community. Her seasoned skillset and “client-first” mentality earned her a finalist spot in the Salon Readers’ Choice Awards and won her Best Salon for 2018 – Urban Arts Gala.

From a young age, Monica had a deep desire to empower women of all ethnicities and backgrounds. She holds this mission sacred, as she strives to provide first-class and transformative experiences to her loyal patrons. This brand was created by Monica LaChelle Barnett, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for women empowerment and moments of meditation that rejuvenate her soul. In the midst of chaos in 2020 she decided it was the perfect birthing ground for a brand that promoted tranquil mindsets. Monica created beauty products that remind women to unapologetically take time for
themselves. From quality cosmetics and aromatic candles, to bath salts,
revitalizing teas, and sage bundles, all in the name of captivating moments geared to brighten, refresh, and invigorate women’s lives. The Monica LaChelle Collection is all about discovering those transformative moments in the midst of life’s journey, getting centered, and realizing how alive we really are.

The ML Collection advocates for women to explore self-love through intentional, daily self-care routines that spark peace. Their response to chaos around them can be harnessed and repurposed as control to be
the change they want to see; whole individuals secure within their inner beauty and identity. Beauty begins within, a conscious decision to recognize self-worth, and The ML Brand has created products that cultivate tranquil vibes to eliminate outside noise and turn up the volume on self-awareness. Self-care never felt this good!

 Visit www.vanquishbeautystudio.com or www.monicalachelle.com for more information.