Women have been weathering the storm of our current social climate under the false sense of productivity. Stressed, overworked, and overextended has been the result of shifting within a crisis but, what if inner peace and strength could be the new normal for women everywhere? The Monica LaChelle Collection was created to sound the alarm that disrupts the neglect of self-care for women who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. It provides beauty and wellness products cultivated within the values of empowerment, wholeness, and self-love. Women can finally get centered, focused, and balanced as they discover the power of their own beauty submerged in calmness and relaxation. 


The Monica LaChelle Collection is a beauty & wellness brand that inspires women to invest in their outer and inner wellbeing with quality products created to beautify and rejuvenate. Our purpose is to cultivate a culture of self-love and self-care through beauty products for women, intended to inspire powerful moments of tranquility and self-discovery.

Can lashes, lip gloss, bath salts and a lit candle really change a woman’s life? Yes! The Monica LaChelle Collection truly believes a moment of peace can reset the mind, inspire new thinking, and reactivate productivity. The same science behind the power of a good night of rest is a philosophy this
brand adopts; intentional moments of relaxation are perfect to reboot the system.

It’s important for women to take the time necessary to pamper themselves, to be aware of how they move in the world. Just as important, is the need to tap in with themselves to see the parts that are neglected, unhealthy, and unloved. Women can be subservient to everyone but themselves and this brand reminds them to slow down, take a tranquil moment, and realize they are worthy of the time it takes to beautify.


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